Why Sevani

Why Sevani Natural Beauty Products?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. Research suggests that a percentage of what we apply to our skin may enter the bloodstream. Many skin care manufacturers (including many that claim to be natural and organic) utilize chemicals, & synthetic ingredients in their products. In addition, many chemical ingredients used in commercial products are on the FDA’s list of suspected carcinogens.

At Sevani, we meticulously select ingredients found in nature via potent botanicals, vitamins and the latest scientific research. We formulate without the use of synthetic additives. Our skin care products even offer an organic preservative system. In addition, we avoid the use of artificial waxes and pore clogging ingredients and formulate potent serums with a small molecular structure to deliver active ingredients deep within the cells.  We combine the latest scientific research with nature’s actives for firming, brightening, plumping, cellular renewal, anti-oxidant protection, exfoliation and hydration.

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Pure Plant Intelligence:

Pure plant and flower essences (botanicals) are compatible with our skin due to their molecular structure, unlike synthetic molecules. They contain “life force” which is essential for our cells. Many manufacturers used processed ingredients essentially stripping the life force from the active material. Sevani formulations contain unprocessed bioactive therapeutic plant ingredients to transform your skin. Sevani pure plant ingredients are specifically selected for their powerful antioxidants, natural vitamin content, natural sun protection properties, cell regeneration & exfoliating fruit acids. You will experience the benefits from the first time you use our formulations.

Sevani Signature Organic Blends

Sevani Skin products are produced with a unique organic blend of highly researched ingredients. Inspired by Ayurveda and used for centuries, these specialty organics contain the highest levels of Vitamins, Antioxidants and Cellular Renewal Compounds to renew, repair and transform your skin while also protecting from environmental damage and aging.

Signature Youth Berry Blend: Acai, Goji, Amalaki (Gooseberry), Pomegranate and Sea buckthorn berry offer the highest levels of Vitamin C possible to nourish and renew skin cells for improved texture and luminosity.

Signature Sacred Flower & Tea Blend: Bulgarian Rose, Sacred Lotus, Neem Seed, Red Tea and Neroli Extracts offer anti-inflammatory, redness reduction, antibacterial and exceptional purification and anti-aging properties.

ECOCERT Organic Ingredients: We utilize ECOCERT Organic preservatives in all of our specialty formulas. ECOCERT is an internationally recognized organic certification body that is one of the largest and most prestige organic certification organizations in the world.

Truth and Lies of skin care: Is it really “natural” and “organic”?

The words “natural” and “organic” are often overused and abused in today’s market. Natural products may contain as little as 1% natural ingredients. Many companies label themselves as “organic” yet many use chemical preservatives. Unfortunately consumers are often unaware of this. Sadly with the popularity of natural products the word has become overused but is often dishonest. We love to educate our clients on ingredients in detail so they know what they are getting. Please avoid marketing schemes and consult experienced skin care specialists when it comes to health & pure beauty! Free consultations available.

Sevani formulations are produced in small batches so you are guaranteed to always have fresh products!