Thank you to our special clients, we are honored you took the time to write.


“Having worked in natural products sales for years, I can honestly tell you I am in LOVE with your products.  Never have I noticed such a big change in my skin and had no breakouts until Sevani.  When I forgot to take your products on vacation I noticed, will never be w/o again!”

Sue C
San Diego CA


“I have the most sensitive skin and have never been able to use products that don’t make me red or breakout but sevani products are the best! My friends are always commenting on how great my skin is now – Thanks for creating such products, love that a skin expert is behind them”.

Sarah G
Atlanta GA


“I discovered Sevani products on the EWG’s database for safe cosmetics.  In the past products I have tried may have been natural, but didn’t improve my skin.  Sevani was the needle in the haystack I had been waiting for!  Your eye products are so good I use them on my lip lines too and the improvement has astonished my friends!  You have many fans in TX now! 🙂 Can’t wait to try more!”

Austin TX


“I am in LOVE with your products!  So impressed by your companies unique and SUPER SAFE ingredients, my skin has never been so happy.  That cleanser and your serums smell like heaven on earth.  I never looked forward to using products and now I can’t wait to get into the bathroom, odd as it may be!  Even my husband likes to use them, but I say “hands off”.   My mother loves them too!”

Sevani Fan – Kate
Denver, CO


“I have tried a lot of organic and natural products, but nothing ever made a difference in the skin like sevani. I love that your products are not just organic but combine science and neat ingredients which makes the total difference for me.  I may have to pay more but it is worth every dime, because these ingredients are the best.  The special blends are so full of antioxidants and cool stuff.”

Mikaela S.
S. California


“I wanted you to know that your serum vitale not only has improved my skin but it works wonders on bug bites, and even age spots!  I use your advanced complexion corrector first so perhaps its the combo.  LOVE YOUR STUFF!

Jenna M
Voorhees, NJ


“Thank you for the amazing experts advice and service.  Never have I received such a thorough explanation on how ingredients were selected and what they do. I am so impressed by the results in a few short weeks, and I intend to use them for life.  Thank you!”

– Sarah
Boulder, CO


“As an aesthetician at an eco-friendly salon,  we have tried many natural/organic products but so often they do not improve the skin.  Thank you for creating products that are super natural but actually make a noticeable difference.  Our clients love them, and they support our mission.”

Sue M
Chicago, IL


“Cruelty free cosmetics are all over out there, but the fact Sevani actually supports animals in addition to making the safest products for use in the home around them was enough for me.  I do rescue and I also know how toxic ingredients can be to them, we only clean cages with vinegar/water and avoid chemicals.  Thanks for creating the best products and helping the animals.”

Rescue Rita


“I  wanted to write a quick note to say thank you.  I feel so fortunate to have recently met Sheryl at a trade show, the creator of Sevani.  She is not only an expert on skin care but on well, everything!  Her years of experience and real love for what she does is inspiring.  I was not a Sevani user prior to meeting her but her knowledge just radiated, and I set my salon products aside for Sevani.  WOW, not only do I love them so much, but my skin does.  Her years of experience show and well, seeing her skin was enough to make me toss mine aside!  Was shocked we were the same age, but what I also love is she is beautiful inside and really cares about the products, the planet and everyone’s skin, she is a real blessing to this industry.”

Sharon H


“Didn’t know that inflammation could age you until I listened to that interview with your specialist.  Your products have some super neat ingredients, and now it all makes sense as to why your special blends make these products work better then anything I have ever used.  I am using the cleaner, hyaluronic serum, c serum, rapid renewal cream and rose toner,  love all the aromas and dewy glow I have.”

San Francisco, CA


“I found Sevani on the EWG’s database for safe cosmetics.  I had used other brands that seemed safe but some had alcohol and other ingredients as a preservative that I know were not good.  Your cleanser and toner alone had me so impressed I just ordered serum vitale and the phyto peptide cream. What else do you recommend for sensitive skin?  Love your ingredients and that you are on the safe cosmetics champion list. Thanks for keeping toxins out of our home.”

Sunny S.
Greenwich, CT


“So many vegan and gluten free lines out there but the ingredients not so impressive or effective for my aging skin.  Thanks for caring about animals and quality products, that do make a difference.”

Animal Advocate
Laurie – San Diego


“I have VERY sensitive skin.  The skin care package I just bought from you is THE BEST I’ve ever used.  My rosacea has been eased and my acne has been almost non existent since switching from my old brand to Sevani.  THANK YOU : )”

Morgan Lane ~
London, UK


“I’ve always gotten huge acne flares with my cycle, but since switching from what I know now to be quite nasty (or toxic) beauty products to Sevani Botanica, they’re gone!  I can’t thank you enough for these products.  They actually work!”

Maya F.
Taos, New Mexico


“Being Vegan I am constantly on the lookout for cruelty free, vegan beauty products.  It’s so hard to find high quality vegan beauty care. After learning of you and your founder though I can feel good about using Sevani.  Thank you for your honesty and your concern for the animals!  It’s much appreciated from this devout vegan.  Please create more body products too please!”

Val Morrison
Portland, Oregon


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